Thursday, March 7, 2013

SBSR: Funeral Advantage “Demo”

Funeral Advantage “Demo”
<1> “Back to Sleep” – This has a light sort of Cure sound to it within the rocking aspect and then there are sort of dueling vocals that are seemingly the same vocalist.   I immediately like it because it’s about going back to sleep, which I always want to do.   It’s kind of like if The Rocket Summer or Get Up Kids decided to do a Cure-inspired song.   I can also hear hints of mae. in this.
<2> “No Wind” – This isn’t quite the same as the last song, but you can tell it’s the same band.  It has a bit of the FNL guitar work in it.   I can’t really describe it accurately otherwise because it doesn’t really sound like anything else in particular.   Well, now it has some sounds to it like the synth or moog but I’m not quite sure what it is.   And then it ends.
<3> “Christine After” – This kind of starts off like a cross between Smashing Pumpkins and Jimmy Eat World.   The chorus gets a little… not pop, but it just kind of picks up a little bit in tempo.   It doesn’t sound so down and sad. 
<4> “Wedding” – This song is the FNL version of Nirvana.   There is also some Get Up Kids in here as well.
<5> “2Late” – And, no, I didn’t just mention the Cure in these songs because this demo closes with a Cure cover.  I promise. 

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