Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SBSR: Astronaut Husband “Just some random songs”

Astronaut HusbandJust some random songs
<1> “time to go” – This starts off very softly.  It has a twee or EFS sound to it.   I seriously had to turn the volume way up to hear this song and I was listening to the previous song pretty loudly.   The vocals are melodic and kind of echo-y, but this still reminds me too much of EFS.   If it doesn’t change after the second track than I move on.
<2> “Two Years” – Well, the vocals are coming out a bit more distant and it sounds like this is a ukulele song rather than an acoustic guitar.   And now he’s whistling like GNR in “Patience”.   I think I need to listen to all four of these songs just because I never know what will come around the next bridge.   That was actually a fairly short song- the whistling took up most of it.
<3> “A.M.H.S. #1” – We’re slightly more complicated than the first song, which is a good way to start.   But now the vocals do remind me of EFS again.   I only have about a minute left on this song, so I’ll stick it out.    At about the 1:30 mark this song picks up rather nicely.   I still feel like I found this under shoegaze and I have yet to hear the gazing.   Dream pop maybe.
<4> “on it” – Last song.  Let’s hope for the best.   I feel like I’m seeing a terrible band live and yelling “One more” after they’ve only played one song.   But this hasn’t really been all that terrible.   This coming from someone who has seen L7 get booed off the stage.   And now I hear birds (I believe seagulls) talking.  At 1:45 I’m thinking this whole song is going to be this ambient seagull sound.   Oh, and now someone’s vaguely talking.    Now I hear a mix of acoustic guitar strings and seagulls.  It’s strange, huh?  And now the guitar work is picking up as we near the end.   And good night. 

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