Monday, March 25, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Tokyo Gore Police “White Roses”

Tokyo Gore PoliceWhite Roses
                Five more indie rock dance drum machine type songs that if you don’t like by now you probably never will. 

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  1. As the artist, I'm not even offended that you didn't like the music. I'm more offended that you couldn't be bothered to a) use the proper art, b) review properly and c) even notice slightly that some of the tracks don't even use drum programming, or drums at all!

    The other review was nice, but that might've also had to do with the fact that wasn't 20 words long, and that there was at least some attention to detail. This review almost seems like a placeholder written after listening to maybe the first track and half, which again, actually offends me more than the negative review itself.