Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CD REVIEW: Lights & Motion “Reanimation” (Deep Elm)

Lights & MotionReanimation” (Deep Elm)
                Reanimation” begins with a softer instrumental rock sound that features a xylophone.   But as the album progresses, the music goes into full on melodic post-rock opera mode. 
                These songs by Lights & Motion are unlike any other songs that I’ve heard before mostly because I am hearing them in ways that I have never heard music before.   Yes, you listen with your ears, but this is music that not only can I feel but I can see.  
                Each of these thirteen songs tells its own individual story, with the story then encompassing a greater arc that exists throughout the entire album.   Listening to these songs is a true amazing experience that isn’t that far from watching a series of short films.
                But how do you see this music you ask?  Simply by listening to “Reanimation” with earbuds in and then… just… close… your… eyes.

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