Thursday, March 21, 2013

AUDIO: Polly Scattergood + How To Dress Well // Diamond Rings + Youngblood Hawke

While I am currently putting together new reviews and interviews to post, please take this opportunity to check out these new songs I think you will enjoy.

First off we have just the wonderful Polly Scattergood's single "Wanderlust" as remixed by the most awesome How To Dress Well, both of which we are big fans of here at RBG.    You can also follow links from this link to hear another remix as well as the original version of "Wanderlust" in case you missed when I posted that the first time around.

Do all that Polly Scattergood and HTDW music right here:

I also am currently in the process of putting together a review for a most excellent album by Diamond Rings.   Well, you can also treat yourself to a free stream via Sound Cloud of a Diamond Rings track as remixed by Youngblood Hawke.   Also, to be completely fair and linear, be sure to also check the flip side which is a Youngblood Hawke song remixed by Diamond Rings.   Confused?  No?   Good.   Click the link and hear these little ditties not about Jack and Diane.

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