Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SBSR: Shipwrecks “Whatever”

Shipwrecks “Whatever”

<1> “I Can’t Breathe” – This acoustic guitar intro really reminds me of Jewel.  I know I may say that a lot, but I really can hear it in here.   The male vocals come in ala Devandra Bandhart and there are even some banjos and harmonicas, which is somewhat nice if not heard before.   This song just goes on in a rather typical folk way.

<2> “A Valuable Commodity” – Here comes another acoustic song that’s as dreamy as the first.  I might find it hard to not just get all these songs jumbled together.   Okay, this song is almost over but I’m not going to make it through the second half of this set.

<3> “Whatever”

<4> “Moons”

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