Thursday, January 3, 2013

SBSR: DJ Muggs “Sound Boy Killa”

DJ MuggsSound Boy Killa
<1> “Sound Boy Killa” – We open to a title track with some nice beats and video game noises.   And now when it kicks in, I can hear more reggae (dub) than hip hop, which is kind of interesting.  Now we have some static synth and beats.   I imagine a world where there is no death and everyone just lives.   This song is what it would be like if Bob Marley were to collaborate with The Chemical Brothers.   Sure, I could be more of specific of both accounts, but that was just a broad spectrum to keep it familiar.   Now we have some female vocals coming in too, which is interesting.    The majority of what is being said so far, in terms of lyrics, is simply that this guy is a sound boy killa and he kills them with the sweet, sweet rhythm. 
<2> “Different (featuring Sunny Cheeba)” – I’m not going to lie: I only downloaded this album when it was sent to me because I saw Sunny Cheeba was on it.   No clue what that means, but any reference to the martial arts star is one I’m willing to take a chance on.   It’s weird because I picture this song more as being at a rave or some such dance club versus coming from the island of Jamaica.  I guess maybe it’d be more accurate to think of this as what would have happened if Bob Marley lived in the 21st century and decided to become a DJ in addition to doing his whole other musical career.   Was Bob Marley a DJ?  Did he ever spin records?  Someone should look into that and get back to me.   Though I have heard that God is a DJ.   At only a two and a half minute mark, this song is already becoming repetitive (Luckily it is not even a full three minutes)
<3> “Sound Clash Business” – A minute into this, he asks us if we’re having a good time.   Strange.   Now we’re getting into the sound clash business and I’m not sure if I want to be a part of it.   It might be annoying, but not as annoying as Skrillex at least.   Is it something I like?  It’s not really my business.   I feel like I’m in a Spice Girls video game or something equally as obnoxious.   Can I get a music video of people dancing to this?  I bet it’d be fun to watch with the volume off.  He keeps asking if I want to reload.  I said no, but he must not have heard me.   And now he’s asking again if I’m having a good time.   I don’t believe this was recorded live, but I’m not sure if DJ Muggs knows that or not.
<4> “People of the Earth” – OMGodzilla this starts off like the beginning to Law & Order.   It’s all I can think of now, hahahahahahaha.   I am not going to make it through another four minutes of this.
<5> “Stoned Raiders (6 Blocc Remix)” – We open this song with Spanish rap vocals, so I guess maybe that’s the 6 Blocc influence here?  I’m not sure, but it kind of sounds like Cypress Hill… Oh, and then they just said Cypress Hill as I was typing that, so see, those guys must really be rapping on this slightly annoying song in Spanish.    I don’t even care to translate these lyrics, but I bet “marijuana” in Spanish is still “marijuana”.    Though this song has “stoned” in the title, so there goes the pot reference right there.   It’d be cool if this was an existing Cypress Hill song only in Spanish instead of English.   Actually, it might be—I only know maybe three or four Cypress Hill songs (I had a few of their songs on soundtracks and then the album everyone else has with “Insane in the Brain” on it)  I think that song only worked because I got to rant about Cypress Hill.
<6> “Drop the Beat” – This isn’t going to be nearly as fun as the last song, I can tell already.   Yeah, so far the only lyrics are the title and it sounds like somebody dropped something but it is not the beat.   This album has definitely fizzled out since the last song.   The start wasn’t so bad, but this last song is just forgettable. 

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