Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Grimes “Geidi Primes”

GrimesGeidi Primes

            First off, I must say that I remember Grimes as being this very weird version of indie rock mixed with hip hop and male vocals.   Okay, so obviously that isn’t what Grimes actually sounds like, but it’s just that within my catching up with music back in 2012 that was the description I always associated with Grimes for some reason.

            I decided to listen to this to see just why I thought it was so bad (I may have never even given Grimes a bad review in the past, but I’m too lazy/busy to look it up) thinking I wouldn’t like it but trying to figure out why.   Then this indie pop rock with hints of electronica and female vocals came on.  It was completely unexpected.

            So if you’ve never heard Grimes before or you just for some reason happen to think of them as being really bad white rap, then do check this release out as it should prove you wrong, as it did me.

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