Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Cardinal Sins / Contrary Virtues by †HYMNS†

Cardinal Sins / Contrary Virtues
by †HYMNS†

     As you would expect from a band with a name like this most of the songs have some sort of reference to religion.   But this isn't the Amy Grant type of religious music, nor is it really anti-religion like Marilyn Manson either.   Most of the religious references just come up in a matter of fact manner (Except for when he says he doesn't have enough room to love God because he loves himself too much)

     At first this music really reminds me of Weezer, but the further you delve into it the more it begins to sound like Hot Water Music.   Still, it's not bad for sounding fairly generic on paper.   It's quite fun to sing along with.

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