Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SBSR: Letters Home “Take Your Time”

Letters HomeTake Your Time

<1> “To Friends” – Wow, this sounds like the Vandals.   It’s not funny though, you know how Vandals tend to have some humor to their songs.   I’m also getting some Ten Foot Pole (and then obviously No Motiv as well) influence here. 
<2> “Degrees” – This comes in a bit heavier and darker sounding so who knows where we’re going from here.   For some reason, this song reminds me of blink 182. 
<3> “Dialogue” – This song is slower and the vocals remind me now of The Benjamins, which must get the Husker Du reference as well I suppose.   It’s more of an indie rock vibe than punk now.   It’s like they went from a faster paced Nerf Herder song to a slower paced one.  Though now it’s kicking in.   “And I lay awake because you lie when you’re awake”  Not the best line, but they keep repeating it.   Now we’re back into TFP territory. 
<4> “Rest Assured” – A slower song with TFP vocals, assuring us that he is okay.
<5> “Broken Radio” – A poppy version of Ten Foot Pole.  This song is just under seven minutes, which is more than double some of their other songs, so let’s see how this plays out.   At three minutes, we seem to be starting a new song.    How is this song still going?  I’m going to make a Whippersnapper comparison now. 

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