Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SBSR: Kent State / At the Heart of the World

Kent State / At the Heart of the World
<1> “Past Lives” – We open with the semi-fun indie rock style I’ve gotten used to from Kent State.  The vocals come in and sound very indie rock.  It’s like a less annoying version of Franz Ferdinand.  Based on this catchy guitar riff in the background and otherwise general chaos of the music (Because it has no real order or direction to it, yet at the same time it does), I say this song would make Kent State fairly well known if given the correct exposure.   And really, from what I’ve heard from this band thus far I wonder why they aren’t better known.  Or are they and I’m just that out of touch?

<2> “Last Meal” – And we start with a Nirvana guitar riff on this song.  The vocals come in a bit higher though, which is a strange combination.  The music really sounds deeper than the vocals which is kind of like a reverse Crash Test Dummies.   Did I really just put “Crash Test Dummies” in this review?  Now no one will listen to this band.  I’ve possibly doomed their twee sound with my comparisons to a band that didn’t even take itself seriously.   At least this song really seems to be about someone eating their last meal on death row and thus it also has a chorus.  It also cuts off abruptly.

<3> “Big Iron Door” – A twee song about exactly what the title suggests.   Think Marlboro Chorus or something from HHBTM. 

<4> “Acceptance Pt I: Third of Three” – Wow this feedback is obnoxious.  There is a slight bit of angry rock going on in the background with screaming included.  Imagine what it would be like to hearing a song by, say, Snapcase in their later days with a car alarm going off over it.   Not too horribly bad, but also not entirely listenable. 

<5> “Acceptance Pt. II: Breed to Bury” – Same as the last song.  Drowningman + nails on a chalkboard.   It also almost sounds like the hip hop version of Korn.

<6> Acceptance Pt. III: Ashes” – And here we go a third time.   These songs really need to be re-recorded if they expect anyone to actually listen to them because, I mean, come on, I played this fairly softly and still managed to murder all of the neighborhood dogs. 

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