Thursday, December 20, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: The Illegal Wiretaps “Lithium Sunshine”

The Illegal WiretapsLithium Sunshine
                These are nine new songs from The Illegal Wiretaps that are instrumental ala “Am Unstable”.   The first song sounds a lot like the late 1990’s entrance theme song to WWF wrestler Gangrel (And yes, they also used it for The Brood)  It at least has that same background bass that brings me back to the days when wrestlers used to get drenched in blood by vampires.
                The second song brings us in a bit more upbeat, so I’m looking optimistic, but by the third song we get this weird screeching noise added in that sounds like birds fighting.   We get some more dance numbers and end on a rapid fire drum machine beat that I just enjoyed the heck out of personally.
                One day in the future, when I review all these Illegal Wiretaps releases I’m going to see if there is any sort of pattern to them.   Both this album and “Am Unstable” have the references in the title to mental health, so is it a coincidence that they share similar styles of music?   Do the acoustic guitar ones with vocals (I like to call them “rusty”) all have similar titles in this way as well?   I guess I could study it further myself, but I might just email the band.

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