Thursday, December 13, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: Fuck the Human Race “Anal Phabet”

Fuck the Human RaceAnal Phabet
            When I saw the concept of this album, I simply had to download it and hear it for myself.  It came up on Band Camp under the tag of “metal”, and yes, it is definitely metal.  The funny thing about it is that each song is a different letter of the alphabet and is only a couple of seconds long.  I thought they’d all sound the same, but they do have some slight differences and not all of the letters are sung only once.
            To top it off is about a one second cover of a Napalm Death song to close out the album.   I have to say, I was going into this with a set judgment of what it was going to sound like, but it doesn’t sound quite exactly how I imagined it: it sounds much better. 

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