Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CD REVIEW: Lento “Anxiety Despair Languish”

LentoAnxiety Despair Languish

            I was going to suggest calling Lento “IDM” for “instrumental death metal” because they have “EDM”, which is “electronic dance music”, but I saw the tag “IDM” on Band Camp since and don’t know what it stands for but have realized that, yes, it is real.  Oh well.

            Death metal might be a bit harsh a label for Lento, as the songs remind me more of something along the lines of a metal band such as A Perfect Murder, but they dish these crunching guitars, heavy bass and banging drums in a manner which you know they are serious.   This is absolutely heavy and this is absolutely good. 

            In a song such as “Death must be the place”, the band is capable to go into a light bridge early on in the song, which is something that not a lot of bands can pull off these days.  I have to give them props even if just for that mere feat. 

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