Thursday, November 1, 2012

CD REVIEW: Rah Rah “The Poet’s Dead”

Rah RahThe Poet’s Dead
                After hearing two full lengths (one remixes) by Rah Rah at the same time and being equally impressed, I was very excited to hear about “The Poet’s Dead” because it was coming from a band I actually knew and liked but still felt like I was fairly new to hearing.   Let me say that in no way does this album let me down.  
                The music itself combines male and female vocals, much like their earlier music, and also has that sound of They Might Be Giants or Pink Floyd, but the real story here isn’t the music (No matter how great it might be) but rather the lyrics. 
                The simple line “I spent my 20s on rock n roll, I’ll spend my 30s feeling old” is pretty easy for someone who is verging on 33 (and did spend their 20s and most of their teens on rock n roll) to appreciate.   
                You have musicians like Neil Young who are still putting out good music, but at the same time, he’s from a different time.   I feel like Rah Rah is really the first band to represent the generation that I am a part of (whether I like it or not) and that’s a pretty big feat. 
                It’s like I feel lost sometimes.   I like bands like Pearl Jam still, but they’re getting older with money so they don’t quite relate to me as much as they did in, say, my youth when they were also young and poor.   I’m not old enough for Bob Dylan or any of that lot, so honestly, I just felt like I was floating around in this musical vortex with no real guidance.   Rah Rah- with “The Poet’s Dead”- has provided me with that guidance by being that band that is neither too young nor too old, but perfect for my age.  Just perfect.

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