Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: The Civil Wars “Live at Eddie’s Attic”

The Civil WarsLive at Eddie’s Attic
                The Civil Wars gained some notoriety by playing shows with Adele.   Whether or not you are a fan of The Civil Wars, you need to download this CD and here’s why.
                If you haven’t yet heard The Civil Wars as a band, what better way for them to win you over than live?  This album is available for free download from Noise Trade, so by downloading and listening to it you really have nothing to lose but time and energy.   At least you’re not going out and having to pay actual money for a CD only to learn you don’t like it later, right?
                If you have heard of The Civil Wars before and enjoy their album “Barton Hollow”, much like I do, then you really have to reason to keep you from downloading this free live album.
                I also really like that it starts off by saying if you’re not sad now, you will be.

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