Friday, October 19, 2012

CD REVIEW: Keystone Kids "Things Get Shaky" (Deep Elm)

Keystone Kids "Things Get Shaky" (Deep Elm)

            “Things Get Shaky” is a seven song EP from Keystone Kids who are this sort of pop rock band that will make fans of The Anniversary smile and for those of us who don’t know or care about other bands that sound like them still nod their head in approval.   To sum up the way these songs sound best is to simply say that they sound like the band Straylight Run, which usually has male vocals and sometimes female vocals, only they have more dominant female vocals with occasional male vocals.  I’d call them an inverted Straylight Run, but their music is along the same lines as each other just not exactly the same.

            If nothing else, these songs are a lot of fun (The male-vocal lead number “What They’re Saying” resembles Hellogoodbye)   The lyrics primarily concern the relationship between two people, but as a married man I can still find a certain amount of pleasure in that.   If I do at times find the lyrics to be a bit on the cheesy side, I’ll just sit back and listen to the cranking of the music.

            Also, the female lead singer has a sort of better than Lisa Loeb sound to her.

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