Monday, July 16, 2012

MP3 REVIEW: UNHOLY GRAVE / HATRED DIVISION “split 7 inch” (Riotous Outburst Records)

UNHOLY GRAVE / HATRED DIVISIONsplit 7 inch” (Riotous Outburst Records)
                This split consists of ten tracks, the first four belonging to Unholy Grave with the last six obviously being Hatred Division.
                Both bands have elements of hardcore, but they more apparent and mixed with metal in the three songs by Unholy Grave.   I say three songs because the first track on here isn’t really a song as it’s quite short and serves more as an introduction to the split- in my opinion- than an actual title you’d put in your set list.
                Unholy Grave has a sound that I can liken to Converge and other bands, but if I named the other bands it probably wouldn’t matter.  Their songs are short and to the point (Interesting Note: No song on this entire split is over two minutes in length) and can be pretty fast as well.    The overall sound of Unholy Grave is distorted metal with screaming, growling and all sorts of violence.    If I can paraphrase on a band name, I do believe that the song “Mass Imbeciles” does sound quite like animals fighting.   I also feel inclined to give a shout out to the terrific drumming on these Unholy Grave songs.
                Hatred Division seems to be more on the screaming hardcore band side of the coin than anything metal, though that isn’t without saying that both bands shred.    A song like “Humanoid”, for example, is an example of chaos in the best possible way.  There are occasionally vocals (And even some growling) but they seem to come in bursts more than anything else throughout the songs.   It’s not your traditional song structure at all and I’m fine with that.   I also wonder if on “Distort Glittery” (Which has a nice hook to it) if their growling out any actual words or just inaudible noises?
                This is still a nice way to get into two heavy bands that if you dig heavy music you will not be disappointed with.

To download these songs in the proper order (Which I might have missed), click here:

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