Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CD REVIEW: Ingram Hill “s/t”

Ingram Hills/t
                When I first heard of this band all I could think was that they were going to be the cousin of Lauryn Hill.  … No? … Nothing?   Okay, I thought that was a pretty good joke, but next time I’ll try going with Cypress Hill.
                In short, Ingram Hill is what you would call a country band.   In fact, they are so much of a country band that they have an entire song dedicated to how much they love good ol’ Dixie called, you guessed it, “Good Ol’ Dixie”.     Normally, I’m very quick to pass off anything I feel is country and sometimes I won’t even bother reviewing it (Sorry, Little Willies) but this doesn’t instantly repulse me so if you’re a fan of country music I fully recommend it.

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  1. Perhaps you should look at their earlier catalogue... It's still kinda southern-pop-rock ish, but you'll like it.